Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long time no blog....

With planning our surprise wedding, Brandon finishing his first year of Law School, and Lindsay trying to make a living, our blog has been neglected. It doesn't help that my laptop died on me, and Brandon's computer is always with him at school. It's pretty impossible to update the blog from my Droid...believe me I've tried. I promise to be a better blogger from now on. I need to buy a new computer, but can't decide if I should get a Mac or stick it out with a PC. Any suggestions?

We really don't have too much to report on except we're just as busy as ever! Brandon is over his head in Law School again and I'm pretty much living at work these days. I'm happy to report that the Kammer household is happy as ever on this particular Saturday because our beloved Huskies beat USC tonight. Thanks for a great night Jake Locker.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ringing in the New Year with my 2 Favorite Guys

My very, very best friend Cody came to visit over New Years. Brandon and I had TOO much fun hangin' out with our favorite Texan for a few days. The trip was too short like always--Hopefully we'll make it to San Antonio sooner than later to visit him and my 2nd Momma, Lisa :) Cody and I took BK to Dave & Buster's for his first time. As you can see, we got a little carried away with winning tickets...(Keep in mind Cody's 6'5'') All 3 of us are WAY too competitive!

We spent part of New Years at a restuarant/bar in Downtown. It has a really cool study with a fireplace. BK and Code were lovin' these leather chairs.


We had such a great time!! Hope to see you soon Cody! We love you and miss you already.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our First Christmas Together

Sorry it has taken me so long to get pics up from Christmas, but I've been working so much I don't have much time for anything other than sleeping and eating... Brandon and I had such a wonderful Christmas together! We were very sad to be away from our family and friends during the holidays but we sure enjoyed a little R & R. The lazy, quiet days were much needed after hardly seeing each other for a month while Brandon studied for finals.

Brandon and I started a new tradition of drinking yummy Christmas peppermint drinks and watching "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve.

Our little tree (below) was quite pathetic but it made our pile of presents look even more impressive. I think we'll upgrade to a big tree next year :-) Brandon made us a BIG delicious breakfast Christmas morning. His Grandma Jan sent us our stylin' aprons. Thanks Grammy Jannie!

We walked downtown and got coffee at Starby's then went to the movies all day. I was very warm in my fleece and scarf (it was sunny & 65) but I really wanted to look definitely didn't feel like Christmas outside.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. It was different not being home but we really enjoyed our time together. Thank you for all the cards and Holiday wishes!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lindsay's Xmas Surprise

A few days before our first Xmas in San Diego, Lindsay planned a special surprise for us. We went to the Coronado Hotel and did some outdoor beach ice skating. Now this was my first ever time ice skating, and to be honest, I wasn't super syked about the idea of eating it on the wet melted ice in front of a bunch of families. However, after a special blended hot chocolate, I was ready to rock. Lindsay did a great job not making fun of my skating skills (which was probably hard). While I was constantly eying the next rail to grab, Lindsay was speeding around the rink doing twirls. Luckily for me (and to my great surprise) I didn't fall once! I even managed to make it around a few times without the need to hold onto the side.

Hotel Coronado is in the back drop here. As you can see I was really enjoying myself.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finals are done!

So finals are finally over! I finished up my last three hour exam feeling good about what I had accomplished; now lets cross our fingers and hope for the best. After finals Lindsay and I went out with some friends to celebrate. We went to the Bitter End (how appropriate after finals) in the Gaslamp District downtown.
Lindsay had spotted this amazing X'mas tree in the upstairs portion of the bar. The whole upper level was really elegant. We had a great time celebrating. I couldn't have done it without Lindsay's love and support, she amazes me more every day we are together.
I Love You

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finals are finally here!!

Brandon's almost done with finals!!! YEAH WHO WEEEEEE!!!!!! Tomorrow he takes his last one! He feels really good about the finals he's taken far so good. If any of you don't know how law school works let me enlighten you....There are no tests all semester so your grade depends solely on the final in the class. The tests are graded on a curve so it doesn't really matter how well YOU do, it matters how well you do compared to EVERYONE else. This makes for an extremely stressful, high anxiety life for law school students during finals week. Brandon has been pretty nervous before each test, but all his loooooooong hours in the library are finally paying off. It feels good for the both of us. After tomorrow I'll no longer be a law school widow! Well, until January rolls around :-)
Brandon and I have decided to stay home (in San Diego) for the holidays. I only have a few days off from work and ticket prices are, we are of course a little sad to be away from our family and friends during Christmas but are really looking forward to spending some quality time together. Brandon hasn't had a chance to explore San Diego so we are really looking forward to doing some fun things during our time off together. Doing nothing sounds pretty good right now too.
I had to post pics of Brandon pre-finals....I thought I was living with a homeless man. HAHA!

Brandon decided to shave his beard before his first final, but first had to sport the stache..

Saturday morning @ 6:30 am studying before his first final. What I was doing up so early on a Saturday morning is beyond me...

Apple Cup

Brandon and I met David, a Law School buddy, at PB Bar & Grill to watch the Apple Cup game. The Husky Alumni Association rents out the back room for the Husky games. It was fun to share the big win with 60 or so other Husky fans!!

David and Brandon